Sunday, 26 January 2014

Battle Of The Highlighters

So anyone who knows me will be aware of the massive glitter fetish I have! Anything remotely glittery or sparkly I grab (magpie I know) but I just cant help myself. So as you can imagine highlighter is one of my favourite parts of my make-up routine and for me is the finishing touch.

My two favourite highlighters of all time have to be Macs Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, and Urban Decays Naked Illuminated Powder. Both of which are the perfect neutral shades for both day time, and night time looks.

Firstly Mac's Soft and Gentle is the first ever highlighter I've swooned over, the large baked product looks gorgeous in the pan and has the most gorgeous marbled surface! The highlighter itself is very fine and buttery for a highlighter and contains the smallest grains of shimmer, feeling velvety on the skin.The colour is perfect for all skin types and is a champagne/gold/warm undertone which would complement the lightest to the darkest of complexions. I apply this over my cheekbones, cupids bow, brow bone, nose you name it! I even dust it over my legs for an ultra bronzed look on a night out! This product is £22 which you may think is on the pricey side, however you get a whole 10g of product and also a little goes a very very long way. I have had this product since September, use it almost ever day and even still looks brand spanking new!

Urban Decays Illuminated Powder was a present given to me by my lovely friend for Christmas, she knows me too well! I had been practically rubbing this all over me every time I had walked past the Urban Decay counter and never got it, so you can imagine my excitement when I received this as a present! Firstly the packaging is stunning! I can imagine its not to everyone's taste however the shimmery box is an eye catcher, however probably not the easiest to throw in your make-up bag. The product itself is more gold than Soft and Gentle and would probably suit those more tanned ( I am NC30-35). The glitter are larger and more noticeable in this highlighter and if your a bit afraid to try a highlighter this is probably not the best to start with and its very glittery and noticeable! However I love that and believe its perfect for nights out! I put this over my legs, arms and chest if I'm feeling glam on an evening as the product is advertised for both the face and body. The formula itself it silky and glides effortlessly on the skin. This product is a perfect addition to their Naked collection and retails for £20 for 6g of product, therefore with macs you get more for your money.

I have included photos of each highlighter in natural light, and flash photography, as you can see they both photograph beautifully! Urban Decay on the left and Mac's on the right. In photographs Soft and Gentle look's a lot more dramatic therefore I would advise a light hand! Overall I love them both for different reasons and love how they can give you that Kim Kardashian highlighted glow and would recommend both of these products strongly!
Do you have any of these products if you do let me know how you feel about them!?

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  1. I really want Mac's soft & gentle, heard so much about it and it looks lovely, perfect for some summer glow! x S.